Pump Cells

According to many customers, Reich´s are the most reliable pump systems in the market. Our pump cell are designed to operate in any climate under any conditions using hydraulic controls. Only in addition do we employ electric and electronic systems.

Clear design and our reliance on hydraulics, simplified maintenance and reliability gives the Reich pump the power to keep you pumping. Use your Reich and boost your performance in all kinds of environments.

The straightforward design of the Reich control system uses parts that are readily available worldwide.


The non-reducing, long-life, low-maintenance S-valve made of high wear resistant cast alloy steel leads to less wear on the cutting ring and spectacle plates.

The spectacle plate has two parts for easy access and fast exchange.

The S-valve automatically compensates wear on cutting ring and spectacle plates up to 10mm by a pressure spring, so no manual adjustment is necessary. In addition, it uses the force of the concrete in the pipeline to help press the s-valve against the spectacle plate. This results in smooth shifting and clean cutting of the concrete.


The hopper and agitator are designed to work with almost any kind of material, guaranteeing that the conveying cylinders are filled to their maximum with every stroke.

A 4in1 reduction gearbox assures highest possible torque for the hydraulic driven agitator shaft to handle stiff and difficult mixes


No reduction occurs in the Reich S-valve. The reduction from 8" (200 mm) valve discharge to the 5" (125 mm) concrete pipe system is spread over a distance of almost 10' (3 meters) thereby greatly reducing the chance for plugs or packs.

A manual override operation is available at all times for all major functions. Therefore a REICH concrete pump never brings a pour-job to a halt just because of a simple electrical failure.

The hydraulic cylinders of the conveying system are equipped with special industry standard rod seals as they are subject to high wear due to permanent contact with concrete.

Industry standard conveying pistons are easily accessible for routine checks and maintenance.

The fully hydraulic control system of the concrete pump has been field proven over many years. The open loop hydraulic circuit with wide port control block provides dependable consistent power.

Double dual-action shifting cylinders are standard for better valve sealing and faster action.

Conveying cylinders

The conveying cylinders are hard-chrome plated for extra strength and long service life.

The hydraulic circuit is equipped with a dual filter system for an extended life time and long service intervals.

Oil cooler

An hydraulically driven cooler keeps the oil temperature low and ensures maximum pumping performance and reliability even in the hottest climate. An extra-large oil reservoir has proven its worth in extremely hot, humid and arid climates around the world.

Remote control

State-of-the-art full function cable remote control are standard on all Reich pumps. A high impact resistant housing ensures safe and reliable operation. As an option we offer a proportional radio remote control to further ease operation and increase productivity.

Hydraulic pumps

The hydraulic pumps are power regulated and pressure compensated to match the engine governor for optimum efficiency. Electric or manual volume controls enhance the performance.

Hydraulic System

The hydraulic control system of the concrete pump has been field proven over many years. Our open loop hydraulic circuit with wide port control block provides dependable consistent power to the pump cell's main working cylinders in all applications.

Central Lubrication System

The automatic central lubrication system greases all major points and assures trouble-fee operation of all important functions.

In addition, convenient lubrication is provided via easy access greasing points

Reich pump cells will help you earn money with their reliability, ease of maintenance and service.

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