Reich booms are legendary for ease of use, flexibility, stability and high quality. With Reich you can expect features that others will supply only with larger booms, e.g. slewing rings instead of than rack-and pinion, really stable outrigger systems.

All Reich placing booms employ a multi-section roll and fold design. High grade fine grain steel in box-cross-sections stands for maximum stability. In addition, the boom offers flexibility for increased operational longevity.

Our booms are known for their steadiness. The operational range of the Reich placing booms allow an extremely accurate positioning. They largely compensate swinging and pulsing movements. Sufficient articulation angles in all joints provide a maximum of coverage.

Turret and slew ring:

Instead of a rack-and-pinion drive for the distributor boom we use a ball bearing slew ring with a multi level planetary gearbox for dependable service as well as superior stability and smooth responsive motions.

Valve control block (manual)

All distributor boom are hydraulically operated via proportional control valves and have provisions for manual back-up. Two pilot controlled check valves are mounted on each boom cylinder to avoid unwanted movements and additional safety in case of hose or pipe leakage.

Oil cooler

An hydraulically driven cooler keeps the oil temperature low and ensures maximum pumping performance and reliability even in the hottest climate. An extra-large oil reservoir has proven its worth in extremely hot, humid and arid climates around the world.

Remote control

State-of-the-art full function cable remote control are standard on all Reich pumps. A high impact resistant housing ensures safe and reliable operation. As an option we offer a proportional radio remote control to further ease operation and increase productivity.

Conveying cylinders

The hydraulic control system of the concrete pump has been field proven over many years. Our open loop hydraulic circuit with wide port control block provides dependable consistent power to the pump cell's main working cylinders in all applications.

Hydraulic pumps

The hydraulic pumps are power regulated and pressure compensated to match the engine governor for optimum efficiency. Electric or manual volume controls enhance the performance.

Hydraulic System

We employ an open hydraulic circuit which has proven to be more reliable and working at lower temperatures. Large capacity tanks supply the oil, kept clean by a system of high-performance filters Three separate hydraulic circuits, multifunctional proportional controls direct or remote controlled for more sensitive boom actions and precise placement assure a speedy uninterrupted and safe pouring process.

Central Lubrication System

The automatic central lubrication system greases all major points and assures trouble-fee operation of all important functions.

In addition, convenient lubrication is guaranteed via easy access greasing points

Splitter Box

The robust splitter box is installed directly into the drive line to the rear axle. Full engine torque is available to drive the hydraulic pumps.

Direct power transfer from the truck engine/transmission via a splitter box driving the hydraulic pumps assures maximum output regarding fuel economy and pump performance.

Extras at no extra cost:

  • Full hydraulic controls of all major functions
  • Proportional controls and cable remote standard
  • Extra large water storage tank
  • High pressure water pump (20 bar) with clean-out hose and adapters
  • Outrigger dunnage pads and storage compartments
  • Tool boxes and comprehensive tool set
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