Deliver the quality concrete needed today using Reich´s unique Vibro-mixing system . Dry aggregates are transported to the job to be mixed on-site. No quality loss in extreme temperatures or with long distances to cover.

Instead of the traditional system which generate massive loss of concrete quality during transportation, Reich Dry Mixing systems optimize performance.

With batching - transport - mixing - discharge - washing down - return, they eliminate additional time- and energy-consuming steps of re-mixing, which in fact only lower the quality of the concrete.

With just the aggregates loaded but not water added yet, transportation times are of virtually no consequence, as are temperatures. Mixing is performed on-site in a few minutes and just-in-time.

Advantages are:

  • Sand, aggregates, cement and water are forced into vibrations, greatly reducing internal friction between the particles. By setting down friction, which is the main obstacle to a fast and efficient mixing process, a Reich dry mixer generates a full load of top-quality concrete within 2-5 minutes.

  • Fully automatic controlled, all essential data accessible from the memory of the computerized control system

  • Loading from the top through a special inlet funnel, Superfast, quiet and clean.

  • Loading in Sandwich system: Sand first, then larger grain sizes with less water content. Cement on top.

  • No additional fines in the concrete during mixing. High-pressure system injects water through special jet valves directly during the mixing process.

  • No chemical reactions during transportation and waiting times. Absolutely fresh top-quality concrete. No retarder necessary in most cases.

  • Less energy consumption - less mixing cycles, less energy

  • Less wear and tear: less mixing, less wear and tear

  • Discharge of concrete virtually 100% - washing out with only 150 l of water (in comparison to usually 400 to 600 l). No need to discharge wash water, rather re-use it with next batch.

  • Fleet flexibility by preloading, computerized quality control.

  • Production cost cut dramatically

  • Increased payload possible by not carrying water but additing it on-site.

  • Extremely suitable for extreme temperatures: pre-heated of pre-cooled aggregates can be transported over long distances and still achieve the required concrete temperature on-site.

  • Additional loads can be towed by trailer, thus increasing total capacity per run

  • Mixes all sorts of concrete including fibrecrete, foam concrete, colored concrete, self-compacting- and lightweight concrete.
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