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Reich has been serving the construction market since 1921. In the beginning, Reich was a trading company, but soon turned to manfacturing high-class equipment. From tower cranes to mixers, stationary pumps, truck-mounted pumps, batching- and mixing plants, our products are designed for use in extreme temperatures under the harshest conditions.

Today, Reich is one of the respected players in the global market.

Whereever you come from, you can be sure to get the same high-class technology ideally suited for the most difficult circumstances. Our commitment to international markets dates back many decades and results in long-time customer relations in a large number of countries, backed by local dealers of superior standing.

With our innovative products and customer orientation, we fulfill an ongoing commitment to provide the best value, performance, reliability and responsive service to our clients throughout the world. For us, customer commitment is as crucial as our engineering excellence.

You as our customer deserve more than just a world-class quality product. It is your right to demand our utmost attention to your needs. Count on us and we will always do our utmost to never let you down.

An important part of our philosophy is to keep close contact to the end-user. Together we discuss which are the challenges every day in the field. Many of our innovations originate from the distinctive needs and requirements that we have found out from our customers.

Reich has set industry-standards quite a number of times - our achievements speak for themselves.

Our innovations include:
(dates refer to first patent):

First ever Self-Erecting Tower Crane, early ┤70s
First ever Dry Mixer ITM, 1975
First ever Plant Mixer Turbo, 1980
First ever Dry Mixer Vibro, 1985
First ever 2V Outriggers, 1993
First ever Constant Flow Pump, 1998
First ever TeleBoom, 1995
TeleBoom XXL, 2000
Constant Flow additional, 2002
TeleBoom additional, 2003
Constant Flow additional, 2003

From the first Reich-crane to our current program, we have always been at the forefront of technological innovations, helping the industry to move ahead. We firmly believe that many more innovations will originate from Reich.

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